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QS/1 is committed to providing retail community, hospital outpatient, and specialty pharmacies the most robust and comprehensive software for your facility's needs. As part of RedSail Technologies, your pharmacy has access to one of the largest pharmacy networks in the country.

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NRx Pharmacy Management System

Built with decades of experience, NRx pharmacy management system offers the tools pharmacists need to simplify workflow, process claims, manage inventory, and care for patients. Explore how NRx’s system and services better your business.

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NRx Software

Interested in NRx for your pharmacy's software platform? Explore NRx and its robust features or contact our sales team to determine if NRx is the right system for you.

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NRx Upgrades

Looking to enhance your NRx software system? NRx integrates with hundreds of individual modules and services to improve your pharmacy's functionality. Explore our services or email upgrades@redsailtechnologies.com.

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NRx Support

Need support for your NRx pharmacy software? Contact our support team at any time with the form below.  You can also submit a support case on the RedSail Hub, or for urgent needs, call 833.733.7242.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software Solutions

Looking for a long-term care solution? RedSail provides the most technologically advanced and integrated pharmacy software for LTC pharmacists. For more information, visit RedSail’s website. If you’re a current PrimeCare® or LTC customer, visit our services directory to upgrade, or visit the RedSail Hub to submit a support case. For urgent needs, call 833.733.7245.

As part of QS/1’s commitment to customer support, RedSail Technologies offers the RedSail Hub. Current customers get full access to product guides, service pack updates, release notes, training materials, and more for their NRx and SystemOne® pharmacy software. Learn more and sign up.

For emergency and immediate support, please call 833.REDSAIL (833.733.7245).

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Be Part of the Future of Pharmacy

Explore Additional RedSail Pharmacy Management System Options

RedSail Technologies offers the most comprehensive and intuitive software solutions for retail community pharmacies. Our growth platforms, PioneerRx®, BestRx®, and Axys® LTC empower your pharmacy to provide better patient experiences and more profitable interactions.

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Pharmacy Benefits

Leading Choice Among Peers – Most pharmacies choosing new systems select a RedSail Technologies product

Unmatched Support and Satisfaction – Best-in-class support and industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings for BestRx

Champion of Community Health – More CPESN members and board members use PioneerRx – going beyond managing their pharmacy to leading in community health

Future-Ready and Scalable – Designed to grow with you, keeping the latest pharmacy solutions at your fingertips including cloud-based options

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software

PioneerRx pharmacy software is more than a management system. Users benefit daily from its innovative features and mobile apps. PioneerRx helps pharmacies enhance patient care and gain an edge over chain stores with features like integrated patient messaging.

Right now, NRx customers can take advantage of our exclusive offer to switch to PioneerRx. Learn more.

BestRx Pharmacy Software

BestRx offers comprehensive, user-friendly pharmacy management software designed to meet nearly every need of independent pharmacies. Our solutions streamline operations, enhance patient care, and support business growth. With BestRx, independent pharmacies can operate more efficiently and effectively. See how BestRx meets nearly every need of independent pharmacy.

Axys LTC Long-Term Care Pharmacy Software

Axys is the first cloud-based pharmacy management system developed specifically for long-term care. It is designed to enhance operations and secure your future in a rapidly evolving industry. Axys offers swift updates, scalable efficiencies, stringent security, and an intuitive interface that minimizes costs and boosts productivity.

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RedSail’s software, solutions, and programs are leading pharmacy’s future.

RedSail’s pharmacy network unlocks your full potential with superior pharmacy software and solutions. We empower your full healthcare potential with the industry’s most technologically advanced, integrated, and patient-centric pharmacy software and solutions.

We are RedSail Technologies
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