Is Your Hardware Making Your Pharmacy Work Harder?

The shower of crumbs after turning over the average keyboard is probably a good indicator of how much TLC most computer hardware gets. But if your hardware isn’t fast enough, can’t handle the latest features, or is even running non-supported software (Windows 7 users, look out), then you are struggling unnecessarily – which affects your pharmacy’s performance.

Keeping Moms in Mind in the Pharmacy

We love our moms, and even when we’re grabbing a card and flowers at the last minute, we love to show them on Mother’s Day. Aside from stocking popular gifts for their special day, what are some simple ways your pharmacy can show moms the love – every day?

When Less Is More – Pharmacists’ Role in Deprescribing

Chances are, you’re still filling a prescription for a patient years after you first dispensed it. You’ve probably also had to alert patients or their doctors that a prescription they brought in might not be a good fit with what they’re currently taking. With so much of healthcare becoming drug based, it was probably inevitable that people would end up being prescribed more meds, for longer, than is good for them.

The 3 Places You Should Be Marketing Your Pharmacy

This is a post about the departure points for your mental journey, so to speak, if you want to arrive at effective ideas to promote your business. The specific “where’s” you’ll identify from there will be really personal to your pharmacy, but that’s the fun part.

Are you ready for CPESN?

How much do you know about these local networks that are transforming independent pharmacy? CPESN – community pharmacy enhanced services networks – offer a promising way to differentiate yourself with both patients and payers.

Enhanced Services = Enhanced Revenues

Community pharmacists are providing more clinical services and getting paid for them, finding new ways to grow their business. Membership in CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) is a great place to start, but let’s dig deeper here on 4 profitable services that were highlighted at the last NCPA convention.

Should You Put a Kiosk in Your Pharmacy?

Self-service using computerized stands and booths now exists for everything from grocery checkout and restaurant orders to self-storage and mental health screening. The pharmacy industry is no exception in experimenting with kiosks, looking for new ways to serve both patients and their business.

The Importance of Being Human

As community pharmacists, we know that large-chain drugstores can pose a threat. But another competitor on the horizon should give pause to all pharmacists – all working people, for that matter. Artificial intelligence (AI) is raising alarm about its potential to take the bulk of human work away from humans. Separating the hype from what will actually happen is far from easy.